Sanjay Aggarwal

Sanjay is the Managing Partner of the A and A Law firm. With an experience of more than 2 decades, he has been advising and representing clients on a wide array of matters in the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, various High Courts, District Courts and Tribunals as well as Forums including Competition Commission, National Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum(NCDRF), and State Consumer Forums(SCFs).

In his professional life, Sanjay encountered a number of dejected and dissatisfied clients who had lost faith in the industry. Driven by the passion to reinstate this faith and establish something along the lines of established industries across the world, he set on to found Insurance Samadhan.

With an experience of more than 2 decades, he has been advising and representing clients on a wide variety of matters

Shailesh Kumar

A fellow of the prestigious Insurance Institute of India, Shailesh has over 30 years’ experience – out of which 15 years is with the Insurance giant's Max Life – and he’s absolutely passionate about the concepts and execution of Life Insurance.

Shailesh has trained thousands of Insurance Agents and he ardently works for the self-esteem and social image of genuine Insurance Professionals. Shailesh believes that Insurance Professionals are like Financial Doctors who should prescribe medicine after diagnosing an individual’s insurance needs.

Shailesh feels that Insurance should be taken for extended periods and should be an integral part of everyone‘s financial portfolio. In his career, Shailesh has helped hundreds of customers in resolving their grievances so that the image of the Insurance Professionals is built. He advocates knowledge enhancements and financial literacy programs.

A fellow of Insurance Institute of India. Shailesh has over 30 years’ experience – 15 years with Max Life. passionate the concept of Life Insurance.

Deepak Uniyal

The humble winner of the extremely revered MDRT award consecutively for the last 7 years, Deepak has represented Life Insurance. He prides on being a devoted and dedicated professional for the cause of clients and goes out of the way to resolve their many problems. He handles investment portfolios for over 200 satisfied clients.

As a Sales Professional, Deepak regularly meets numerous customers, who hold large financial portfolios and do not have any clue about what to do with them. They understand large businesses but fail to understand Insurance as they buy insurance out of obligation rather than need. Deepak also wants to work towards the building of a well-respected brand for the whole Indian Insurance Industry. He has been working towards it relentlessly and never misses representing it at various forums.

A consecutive MDRT awardee for the past 7 years. Deepak has represented Life Insurance at many forums.


Puneet Chandra

A true follower of the principle of utmost good faith, Puneet believes that creating awareness on simple steps of claims process can avoid unnecessary harassment faced by the insured. His goal is to uncomplicate the entire claims process and SIMPLIFY it for all his clients across sectors including Software Development, Outsourcing, Telecommunication, Pharmaceutical, Clinical Research, Automobile, Manufacturing, Hospitality amongst many others.

Puneet believes that creating awareness on simple steps of claims process can avoid unnecessary harassment faced by the insured across Software Development, Outsourcing, Telecommunication and many more industries

Rajan Bedi

Rajan Bedi is a Health Insurance Expert with a client base of over 500 satisfied families . Rajan has distinguished families with an unblemished record of 100% claim settlement . This establishes that Rajan understands the business and follows all processes . Today , Rajan manages a Portfolio of Rs 1.50 Crore in Health Insurance and has been recognized at National and International Level .

Today , Rajan wants to follow his passion of Health Care with all through Insurance Samadhan . He is committing his busy time to help aggrieved customers of Health Insurances . Rajan has qualified for the most prestigious award in the insurance industry at an International level called MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) consecutively for 9 years.

Health Insurance Achievements:

  • Total Clients – 500 Families
  • AUM of Health Insurance policies – 1,50,00,000/- Cr
  • Claim Settlement Ratio – 100%
  • 3 times CMD Qualifier

Life Insurance Achievements:

  • Total Policies Sold – 905
  • Total Sum Assured – 77Cr
  • Claim Settlement Ratio – 100%
  • 9 times CEO Council Qualifier
  • 9 times EC Qualifier
Having qualified for the most prestigious MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) award consecutively for 9 years, Rajan committed to helping aggrieved customers of Health Insurance Services

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