How is your Insurance Health?

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July 25, 2017

How is your Insurance Health?

Insurance Health Check Up

Are You adequately insured? If you have a qualified agent then he should do your Insurance Health check up on regular basis and advise you as per the state of a life cycle. Your agent should also do your regular review to know the changes in life-like stages of your children, your retirement, your health and your financial responsibilities. A regular audit would keep your financial planning up to date.Do we really take that much interest with our family insurance needs? Rarely, you will find customers who are willing to permit professional time to your agents in the same way as they do with their Doctors or Chartered Accountants. If they take care of your health and financial issues and protect you from any adverse situation then your Insurance Agent protect your family interest in case you are not there. In most of cases, family would always be bigger in sixe than self. Inspite of this truth, do we give this respect to our advisor. Financial media remain flooded with the logic of buying only term insurance and dissuade readers from looking into other insurance products. this seems to be a lopsided view because it is ignoring the logic of ULIP, Endowment, Money Back and Annuity Products. Human Body needs all type of vitamins, proteins, supplements for a healthy body and a Good Doctor advises balanced diet. In the same way, Insurance Samadhan advocates a balanced insurance portfolio with all products. Doctors recommend three meals for a healthy body and say “ Breakfast as a king, lunch as servant and dinner as paper. Why do they say so because breakfast is most essential to keep you energetic for a full day, lunch is desired for your daily energy replacement because of consumption due to hard work and dinner is required for sound sleep. In the same line, Insurance Samadhan recommends three insurance products for health insurance portfolio :

  1. First, buy a whole life insurance which would remain with you for the full life and keep family protected till you live. So whole life is comparable to the breakfast of balanced diet.
  2. The endowment is comparable to the lunch, which you need to buy for your midlife financial responsibilities. It is related to consumption hence can be taken for a shorter term and in different variety like money back, limited payment endowment. These products must be linked to each responsibility. You take lunch for taste, presentation and hunger. So decide for the endowment as per your need.
  3. Term insurance is comparable to Dinner. You take dinner to ensure undisturbed sleep, in the same way, you buy Term Insurance at the rate of pauper so that your family get undisturbed sleep.

If one maintains a healthy insurance portfolio then they are proving that they love their family and they are a responsible person.LIMRA has also established facts through their research that a responsible person buys 7  products from an insurance company.So go ahead, have a balanced diet and insurance. Both are important for your as well as family future.

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