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Health Insurance

The Healthcare and Medical Services sector of any country is critical for its welfare. Government, employers and the society at large need to understand health insurance clearly. Only then can they implement productive strategies for managing health and medical insurance.

Presently, the majority of disputes usually occur due to misunderstandings, exclusions and non-standardization of laws related to medical insurance. Corporate Hospitals have TPA (Third Party Administration) desks but similar facilities are unfortunately not available everywhere. Additionally, incorrect declaration at the time of policy initiation and poor documentation create even more issues.

Once again, we firmly believe in the transparency and integrity of the system and understand the limitations faced by the common man who has trouble understanding the “Heavy Words” of the industry, like understanding exclusions and permissible limits linked to room rent. Which is exactly why at Insurance Samadhan we work relentlessly on case representation at all forums with the intention of resolving various health insurance complaints of the very aggrieved customers we often assist.


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